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Potential clients, customers, viewers, and visitors must be attracted to a website. This is generally accomplished by “showing-up” in a web search via Google, Yahoo, or Bing search engines. Proper search engine optimization (SEO) writing must be employed for your page to be visible to these engines, and to be placed on the first page of someone’s search.

Good content and solid writing are not enough. It does little good to have the best page on earth, if no one will ever see it. Right? Everyone wants traffic. Many need web traffic.

That is precisely why a good web writer that knows search engine optimization should be hired to write web page and website material. It takes a special “know how” to communicate what needs to be said, write it in a sensible manner, and tailor the work specifically for the search engines – especially Google.

This type of writing is actually more akin to an art. The full aim is to draw hits, explain the info needed to be conveyed, call the visitor to action, and sell them on your products or ideas. Often times this is easier planned than done. Why?

Almost anyone can either write decent general information, or string together a lot of incoherent keywords, and many know how to persuade someone to buy – but, a site needs a web writer that can do all of these tasks amid each and every individual page. It is important that every page rank well on its own, as well as the overal site and its homepage. Understand the complications here?

As a writer that also specializes in search engine optimization, I fully encourage any and everyone, or organization, that desires more web traffic to consult with or hire a professional writer to help them secure greater web traffic and a better clientele. A good web writer is a wise investment…

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At Jimmy Hall’s Writing Services  (!/pages/Jimmy-Halls-Writing-and-Composing-Services/213480584583  / ) I not only know how to formulate, write, and compose effectively, but also how to place your message into the hands or vision of people that need to view it. Secondly, my written words will cleverly focus upon obtaining the outcomes you desire, whether it be a business project, search engine optimization for web pages, or a personal complaint. I even help with class research and collegiate-course writing.

In today’s modern web-oriented world, it is absolutely necessary that all business writing and personal writing be done both professionally and personably, with special emphasis being enlisted for whatever method of sharing is employed. Website writing, in particular, must not only be well thought-out like written print work, but also tailored for search engine optimization (SEO) so that your webpages will be recognized by Google, Bing,Yahoo, and other search engines, and actually seen by searchers!

The best-written site on earth is of little use if no one sees what has been posted and composed on  its web pages. SEO is important. Professional writing services are often the most efficient use of company or personal resources. When done properly, web-writing and print-writing each provide a solid return upon your investment.

I thank you for  taking the time and actions necesary to read this written ad, and I hope that what I have composed is also of educational value to you, your business, organization, and/ or family. My rates are reasonable, in some cases as low as $25-30/hour for proof reading material, and $35-45/hour for routine writing projects. More difficult tasks are also reasonably-priced per project. Many clients prefer a “per job” or “per piece rate,” which I also accommodate….

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Two diametrically opposite opinions exist with respect to addressing terrorism. On November the second, Americans once again considered them amid the voting booth. Almost needless to say, Democrats employ one set of passive tactics, “live and let live,” whereas Republicans are more pro-active and favor a more “search and destroy” method. (A dead terrorist can kill no longer.)

Historically, Jesus Christ and other great teachers used parables and stories to simplify and teach basic principles. I’ll do that here. Thus, here is the parable of fighting terrorism: The Parable Of The Bees.

Two families in different homes began to hear odd noises and see occasional flying inscts around their respecticve homes. One family was Democratic, the other Republican. Upon further inspection, the leaders of each family found giant beehives near their respective homes. The question for each became, “What should we do?” Bees eventually sting people.

The Democratic household thought and came up their plan. Since the bees lived in their own self-made community, and for the most part stayed to themselves when not disturbed, the Democrats decided not to mess with the bees. To stir them up might aggravate them, and cause them to swarm and sting members of the family. As such, they left the insects alone, only keeping an occasional eye upon them.

Eventually, however, the bees became numerous and expanded their boundaries and number of hives. The family’s daily activities bothered the bees, so they began stinging folks right and left. There were soon so many bees that fighting them was a tough proposition. Hospital trips and even a death from allergies became realities.

The Republican family had a much different approach to their Bees. Their leader understood that as long as the beehive was allowed to exist, the bees would multiply and eventually need to be dealt with. He elected to attack the bees immediately, before they got larger in number.

Though it would rile-up the bees and make them immediately swarm, the Republican family and leader understood that it was better to have them swarm sooner, as opposed to later. They bought some insecticide and a broom and attacked the bees. A couple of family members were stung, but the bees were destroyed, and the foreseeable threat of future bees was drastically eliminated. Amen.

The moral to this story is that it is a fact of life that bad situations occur in life. Not everyone loves us, though we inhabit a mutual turf, the Earth. Closing our eyes and agreeing to “live and let live” does not change the fact that our enemies can eventually attack at any time. It is far better to understand these uncivilized threats and eliminate them at the start, rather than to just trust that the opposition will simply choose to be nice to us if we are nice to them. Bees multiply quickly.

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ACTION v. FAITH…. By Jimmy Hall

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There is a slim and thin line between trusting God to make things turn-out right, and doing what we ourselves want to do to please Him and manipulate outcomes. Faith does not just sit back and wait. Faith also works. The questions are, how much? When? And, how? We are to be like farmers. We plow, prepare, plant, weed, and fertilize. God then provides rain and weather. We then harvest and take the crop to market. It is a joint effort, period.

How does this work with respect to relationships? Furthermore, doesn’t God already foresee what is going to happen? Good questions, each with an answer. Please continue…

Whether a relationship, a job, a family matter, or anything else, we are to apply Christian principles to every situation we face in life. When one partner in a relationship errs or responds wrongly, the other is to present their side of the situation in a rational manner. The problem is in presenting “their side” within the context of a discussion in which both people are working together for truth and what is right, NOT an ADVERSARIAL SITUATION. At the same time, prayer, meditation, friendly counseling, and Bible study are also preferred. The focus should NOT be what each individual party wants, but rather what the situation and evidence seems to indicate about WHAT GOD WANTS. Here is a clue, if both sides pray for each other and themselves, anger will be much less of an issue between them.

Will God’s Will be done in the end? The answer is YES and NO. God’s Will always prevails in the very end, but His intermediate Will in the meantime is used as a means to this ends. All things work to the good for we Christian Believers, even if they are sinful or bad things initially. One participant can willfully sin and break a relationship ordained by God, but in the final analysis God’s perfect intentions will be recognized. God allows some disobedience, although He could make the world behave sinlessly. That, for whatever reason, is not how He chooses to operate. He even watches as babies and children are murdered. He allows it sometimes, when He could intervene. How much less robotical will he make us amid relationships?

What I am just beginning to learn from all of this is that I am to do my part, and trust God to do His, while the other party reacts amid their own set of circumstances and values. I may not get what I want in the short-run, but in the very end I can rest assured that God’s Will is implemented. No amount of worry or fear in the meantime is ever going to change that, as much as I might like to play God and control everything with a vrtual certainty from day one.


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HOPE…. by Jimmy Hall

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HOPE is something I have never quite possessed enough of. I see something, and just naturally assume it will eventually occur with enough effort and dedication, without ever getting overly excited about it. This has held true with respect to various college degrees that I had to work my way through, vacations, and even the most worrisome of personal tragedies. Somehow I am simply a REALIST, as opposed to an OPTIMIST. However, by the same token I do see God’s hand in never allowing me to be as big of an enemy to myself as I could be. For that I am thankful.

It can be rightly said that HOPE and FAITH are interconnected. As The Book Of Hebrews explains in Chapter 11, faith is the substance of things hoped for, the evidence of things not seen. Faith is what secures the things you hope to obtain. The point is that if faith is not actively employed, the human efforts in obtaining these hopes and dreams are simply FLESHLY. Therein is the problem. If FLESHLY, maybe the end product is not in the will of God at all.

Yes, life and scripture both demonstrate that hard work and study can be misdirected. Sometimes this situation is temporary, at other times more permanent. How many people actually work in fields related to their degreees and education? Many professionals or specialists do, but other folks often do not. In theory our hopes become more realistic or practical as we grow older; BUT, is this a good thing? …  Not necessarily.

Rather than compromising our future hopes, maybe we should just add a little true faith from the start, then God will be a partner amid our endeavors. With the Creator of the universe as a partner or teammate, aren’t we bound to be a bit more successful? I tend to think so. The talent to employing this approach is in making God a true partner, as opposed to just tacking Him onto what you are doing regardless.

As can be understood or summized by reading thus far, discerning the will of God is a key in ALL MATTERS, big and small. This allows us to know what to hope for and to have faith in, through God. So, how is this done?

I am writing this piece for myself, to tell myself that feeding and meditating upon the Word of God is the key, as is PRAYER. God will use His word and peace to open doors of insight for me and everyone else. We tend to try and handle matters of the future all ourselves. This is just plain wrong. Like a famous book once said, God should be our co-pilot AT THE VERY LEAST. In reality we should let him fly our planes, plant our faith, and provide our hopes. Amen.


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 Every once in a while, it is good to take and make a personal inventory of ones’ self, and by the same token take into consideration what others have to say about you. Interestingly enough – when friends, acquaintances, and relatives speak bad and poorly about each of us, they are usually not actually being negative or truthful enough! It’s true. People rarely explain to someone they know at all (or those close to them) just how bad they consider them. Furthermore, it is a virtual certainty that none of us see ourselves as bad as we truly are either; NOT BY A LONG-SHOT. I will take it a step further. At least for myself, and probably for many of you also, if others knew me a little better they would think several times worse of me, and possibly have nothing to do with me whatsoever. It’s true. What if those around us could read our thoughts and minds? Imagine…

As a “seemingly” decent and “fairly” Christian kind of guy, who does also socialize with and at least casually know thousands of people, why would I write, say, or think such a thing, particularly about myself? EASY. While my (everyone’s) heart and mind may generally operate in a certain pure or proper form or fashion while I (we) am alone or in comfortable surroundings, I (we) DO NOT act that way in REACTIVE SITUATIONS before other people. The kicker here is that this extremely small percentage of time in which a person does not behave right actually demonstrates more about ones’ self than the other 95% of the time that is calm and controlled. Why and how can this be? Please read on.

The Holy Bible teaches that “out of the abundance of our hearts, the mouth speaks.” This can also be rightly extrapolated to incorporate writing and body language, as well. In other words, what is inside comes outside via our communications. In reactive situations, especially “spur of the moment” exchanges when emotions are involved, there is no time for carefully scripted and well thought-out replies. NO, we immediately demonstrate our true “heart condition” as it is at a particular point in time. IF YOU WANT TO KNOW WHAT STATE YOUR HEART IS IN, evaluate your reactions to things. Therein I FAIL MISERABLY, as do many of you.

Sure, I can write wonderful and pretty things, kind and honest to a tee; I might very well do good deeds also; BUT, if my reactions are always sinful, rude, and crude, the majority of my other efforts are probably fleshly in nature also, going through the motions. My heart cannot possibly be right and pure if my mouth and pen and keyboard constantly spew unBiblical or questionable communications. That is a fact. Holy Scripture asks how a man’s mouth can both curse and bless from the same place. IF I am truly right with God and filled with the Holy Spirit, MINE WOULD NOT. Neither would yours.

In my own case, I generally show my own pitiful heart condition when I argue with non-believers or liberal Christians. That is right. I sin the most while attempting to do God’s Business. I lose my temper, get mad and frustrated, and then show my true spiritual state (or lack thereof) by cussing, screaming, typing mean things, and getting personal and ugly for no reason – all the while in the name of God. HOW PITIFUL I AM.

The solution for me, and anyone else in this awful predicament, is to acknowledge this sinful condition prayerfully, and all other unconfessed sin, read and study scripture, and employ Its principles into everyday life so that the Holy Spirit will fill, seal, and use me for His own glory. This is what I should do, and it looks good on paper, doesn’t it?

Just keep in mind that I am writing and thinking this out amid a nice setting, with no distractions, in the middle of the night. It is not reactive or done in the heat of the moment. It is well-scripted and considered. Only God Himself knows if I shall do my part in allowing God to do His in my life, and change my evil ways. I sure hope so, I genuinely need to. I APOLOGIZE TO ALL OF YOU WHOM I HAVE UNNECESSARILY OFFENDED…

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Sometimes we truly cannot see the lake for the water, or the forest for the trees. The solution for fixing the American Economy & Healthcare System is precisely like those situations, yet even much simpler to eventually comprehend. Yes, I said simpler. (READ: no bailouts or insurance overhauls needed.)

You may ask, if the solution or fix is so easy, why haven’t the “powers that be” in the White House and Washington, DC incorporated them into their 3 million pages of written plans and rhetoric… Answer: Because they would all be out of their particular jobs if they did so. The physical cure (apart from the spiritual one that is also needed) requires no college degrees or internships to understand, nor any fancy Wall Street bankers and merger specialists to implement. Nor would it take thousands of bureaucrats to oversee.

So, what is this miraculous remedy? It is composed of just two words… Drum role… Pause… Anticipation… Crescendo… The cure is: MORE COWBELLS. Yes, more cowbells.

What? you say… Hall, I thought you were serious. That is an old Saturday Night Live skit, and it was “cowbell” not “cowbells.” Well, forgive my improper wording, but check out the logic to come. Forget the notion of only the cows having the cowbells around their necks a moment; there are other less-exploited uses.

Cowbells are neat. They sound wonderful, are pleasant, give the immediate location of every cow who wears one, and make great music. Used as they generally are by musicians, these instruments are somewhat important. However, imagine if each and every American, all 307 million of us, also had at least one cowbell, if not two or three… Think of the across the board implications…

Cowbells provide the immediate benefit of a lovely sound to the user, and those around him or her. Secondly, an often overlooked positive externality of the cowbell is the immediate and direct impact and physical benefit each has upon the body of the human user. That’s right. Shaking and tapping those things not only provides muscular exercise, but also burns calories and promotes cardiovascular health to the heart and lungs. So what?

With these obvious health benefits, the average American would be in much better shape, spend far less money on yearly healthcare, and have much smaller health insurance premiums. (And, have far less time to run the streets and stay in trouble.) That is the answer to your “So what.” Isn’t that what the whole healthcare stink is about, getting us into better shape, and being better able to rationally treat illnessses, and pay for their remedies? I say the best way to treat diseases and illnesses is to prevent them to start with. Who’s with me? I’ll continue…

Should the general public be provided this miraculous health information with respect to cowbells, there will obviously be a nationwide, if not world-wide, run on them. Demand will skyrocket. Again you wonder, “so what?”

People, we have been in a recession. Imagine what the need for almost two billion new cowbells every two years would do for our economic recovery… Cowbell plants and factories and distribution centers would likely spring-up everywhere, and cowbells would be prevalent amid every drugstore and shopping place. There would be a BOOM. Money would change hands at an unprecedented velocity. But that is not all. No way. Please read on…

It would or will take numerous workers to produce, store, and distribute these cowbells. Unemployment will disappear. Healthier workers will make and sell these cowbells to their fellow Americans with a sense of pride and satisfaction. Furthermore, increased employment will make the demand for more cowbells a matter of self-fulfilling prophesy. The industry will feed itself, as these bell producers will in turn have money to purchase more bells for themselves, their families, friends, and neighbors! Amen!

(Furthermore, what if laws were passed mandating that every single cow and bull must wear a cowbell, to save on “locating expenses” and other hardships from lost livestock? Imagine those increased sales.)

To extrapolate further from all of this, also imagine the increased usage of metals, tin, copper, and lead… Those industries would also REVIVE due to “cowbell-mania”. More workers, more salaries, more corporate profits, more stockholder wealth… Get the picture yet? And, what about the increased CONSTRUCTION, due to the increased number of cowbell facilities?

I don’t know about you, but if President Obama and company truly want to help America with respect to its economical and citizens’ health, I think the simple solution is MORE COWBELLS… This would be change that we truly could believe in.

( LOL.)